This level allows Instructors, Experts and Influencers to host paid live video sessions.

Gold Host

This membership level allows Gold Hosts to host paid live video sessions and:
  1. Google Calendar - Google Calendar Addon allows two way synchronization between: Bookings of Gold Hosts+ and their Google Calendar account. In addition to the above, it allows automatic creation of events for clients in their own Google Calendar accounts.
  2. Multi- Language - Multi Language access allows you to display service, Hosts names and other variables of your booking to be displayed in language preference of the site visitors. Also email and SMS messages can be sent in client language. For example a German speaking visitor will be booking for “Haarschnitt” tutorial instead of "Haircut" tutorial.
  3. Packages - Packages is a unique and powerful tool which allows you to sell two or more services of the same or different kind as a single service. Usage examples: Three week English course package from Monday to Friday based on one hour English course service. or, Hair dyeing and hairdressing tutorials combined.
  4. SMS - Send text messages to your clients as reminders or encouragement to purchase more sessions
  5. Variable Durations - Variable Durations addon allows you to set duration of your services based on client selection and/or provider who is giving the service, time of the service and other parameters.
    • Each duration selection can have own price
    • Unit price can be set to automatically calculate total price
    • Duration selections can be set freely
    • Providers can have different duration for the…
  6. Variable Duration - Set the time limits of your sessions different from the default settings to offer shorter or longer sessions.
  7.  Theme Selector - Select the colors of your booking calendar that viewers will see.
$0.00 now and then $99.95 per Month.

Diamond Host

This premium membership level allows Diamond Hosts to have all of the privilege's of Gold Hosts plus:
  1. Extras - With Extras Addon you can sell additional material, product or service on confirmation form. Extras can have conditions to match with the selected time slot, location, service, provider and client WordPress user role and only offered then. Examples of such conditions: Particular services, e.g. to sell tennis ball with tennis lesson bookings or to sell hair extensions with hair tutorial.
  2. Recurring Appointments - Recurring Appointments access allows Diamond Host's clients to book daily, weekly, monthly recurring appointments with a single checkout. Other recurrence frequencies are every other day, every weekday, every weekend, every other week.
  3. Digital Downloads - Sell digital products during your live video sessions.
  4. Group Bookings - Group Bookings access allows clients to book for more than one person for a time slot. It is especially suitable for video classes where an employer is paying for live video training for employees or any other situation where one person can register and pay for multiple clients for one booking session. One client can be allowed to enter a list of participants.
  5. Waiting Lists - Waiting List access allows your clients to apply for a time slot after that slot was fully booked. When there is an opening in the service, clients in the waiting list will be informed by email. Then they can apply for the opening, if time slot is still available. Waiting List can be enabled for each service independently
$0.00 now and then $199.95 per Month.
Number of courses 001
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